Blue Shell Mario Kart Wheel Holder

Another 3d printing project done. I recently got a Nintendo Switch and my wife and I have been having a great time with Mario Kart 8. I wanted to create something that got the wheels for the game out of a drawer, but also looked fun sitting out. What better way of doing that then having the wheels sit in the most icon and painful item in the game series: the blue shell!

The creation process was pretty straightforward. I decided to just build the shell without worrying about real world dimensions, and then I’d scale it when I was ready to cut out the slots for the wheels. The model started with a base mesh in MODO which then got sent to Zbrush to finalize the form and add details like the gaps between the shell plates. With the main form done, it was just a matter of measuring the controllers, building out the shape in Shapr3D so it was to real world scale, and then bringing that into Zbrush to boolean out the cuts. When I was ready to print, I brought in both the blue shell and the cutouts I made in Shapr3D and scaled the blue shell to fit those, so I’d know I had the real world scale correct. Because of some problems with my printer, I printed it in 2 pieces that were glued together before painting.

If you like it and want one of your own, you can find the model over at