Arduino Powered Pumpkin

I picked out this fun gray pumpkin at the pumpkin patch. But what to do with it? Why not turn it into a green glowing alien, with a little Arduino power. The design was pretty simple, just a small round alien head with big eyes, carved out like a normal pumpkin. Here’s a video of the overall effect.

With the pumpkin carved, I thought it’d be a cool effect to have it glowing green. I had an extra Arduino board lying around and a big green LED that was wanting to be used. Why not? The Arduino setup was way easier than actually carving the pumpkin. All it does it every second link the green LED on and off, using the example Arduino sketch appropriately called Blink. You can find it as well as a schematic here: (I didn’t create this, just borrowed it).


With that working, I hooked it up to a battery pack, and stuffed it in the pumpkin. The only bummer was that the Arduino was pretty visible, and the light didn’t really fill the pumpkin. My wife came up with the great idea of cutting a bit of white garbage bag and pinning it just inside of the front of the pumpkin to help diffuse the light. Looked a little wonky in daylight but at night it was awesome!