3D Printed Phone Stand

A new site deserves a new post right?

It’s taken far too long to redo my site a bit. I’m no longer in Phoenix, and I wanted to develop my own theme that would better suit more of the 3d printing and making that I’ve been doing lately. In showing off that stuff, I’d love to feature some time-lapse videos because no matter how many times you see it, there’s just something cool about watching a 3d printer build up layer by layer. That is, until you’re several hours in. Then it’s just monotonous.

I wanted to take advantage of the easier to use time-lapse feature on my phone, but didn’t really have a stand to place it on when using it. So why not make one instead of buying one? It’s not like I need to spend more money on this hobby. While I love designing my own prints, I found this AWESOME modular phone stand system over at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2194278. How cool is that? While swapping out the printed nuts and bolts with real ones would probably yield a better end result, this definitely worked well enough for my needs. The only modification I made was gluing some felt into it so I wouldn’t scratch my phone.

Not too shabby right? You can tilt and pan it, and the phone fits in nicely and doesn’t seem to knock it off balance. Here’s what it looks like in place, and the time lapse I was able to get from it.

Hopefully I can get more of these going and get some more posts coming soon!