3D Printed Bike Badge

This one’s been quite the project in the making, though maybe not for the best of reasons. My co-worker Bob asked me if I could make a Figoli Quinn branded badge for his bike, replacing the stock one there already. Awesome project, only I kept forgetting about it as other things came up. Plus I did actually remember to make it, and then lost it when we moved from Arizona to ORegon, so I had to make it again. Sigh. So what should’ve taken an afternoon to make took all summer.

Once I got to it, the project had an easy start. Bob gave me the existing badge so it was a simple matter of spending a few minutes using my calipers to measure how big the badge needed to be so that it wrapped correctly around the bike tube. Once I did that, I headed into MODO to build out the design.

While I usually try to keep most of my 3d printing work in Shapr3D on my iPad, I really didn’t want to try to redraw the FQ logo. Instead, I just brought an EPS file of it into MODO and extruded it. The entire thing was exported as an STL over to Simplify3D where it was printed.

Once it was printed (a couple different times to figure out the best orientation) it was just a matter of sanding, priming, and painting before handing it off to Bob to glue to his bike.