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I'm Steven Quinn and in my free time you can find me doing 3d printing, working with micro-controllers, or just finding something DIY to do. Follow along below on my various projects.

Practical Printing: Food Stamp

This will always be the coolest thing about having a 3d printer. Within an hour of my wife asking for a tool to help stamp down home made baby food into an ice cube tray for freezing, we had a custom ready to use tool.

Snail coasters

We needed some coasters for our dining room table, so why not 3d print some. I saw this really cool design on Etsy for these snail coasters and decided to recreate them with Shapr3D on my iPad and print them in wood filament. A little staining and varnish with some felt feet and they were […]

Giraffe Pen Cup

The latest 3d printing creation — a giraffe themed desk pen cup for my wife. A little late for Mother’s day due to us moving, but better late than never, right? I wanted to make something that can help her feel a little closer to our daughter, while still being a little practical, hence this […]

3D AirPods

Trying to get back to doing more 3d modeling and renders, I made a quick scene of AirPods working on lighting and learning how to use MeshFusion in MODO. Took a little work to get my head around the basics of MeshFusion, but once I did, it was awesome.

Blue Shell Mario Kart Wheel Holder

Another 3d printing project done. I recently got a Nintendo Switch and my wife and I have been having a great time with Mario Kart 8. I wanted to create something that got the wheels for the game out of a drawer, but also looked fun sitting out. What better way of doing that then […]

3D Printed Laptop Stand

In the never ending quest of trying to keep my office neat and organized, one of those items that seems to never really have a home is my laptop when it’s not in use, so it tends to get either stacked on top of something, or it’s the bottom of the pile. Either way, it […]

Circuit Playground Arc Reactor

This was one of those projects that came about not because I really wanted to do it, but because I had some hardware lying around that was needing a project to put it to use. With my Adabox 006 from Adafruit, I got my hands on a Circuit Playground Express, which along with just an […]

Updated IOT Dog Sensor: Adafruit IO

After using the IOT dog sensor for a while, I went ahead and simplified it a ton. It only uses a single Feather Huzzah board now, and uses Adafruit IO + IFTTT to call my phone instead of requiring a custom Laravel website and a receiver with a speaker. Since it’s so much simpler, I’ve also created a little tutorial on how to make your own. Read on to learn how!

3D Printed Porg

I was so excited by the fun little character in the latest Star Wars movie trailer that I decided to make my own 3D printed Porg model to sit on my desk.

Arduino Powered Pumpkin

I picked out this fun gray pumpkin at the pumpkin patch. But what to do with it? Why not turn it into a green glowing alien, with a little Arduino power.