It’s been up and running for a little while now, but I haven’t made any mention of it here. I got a telescope for my birthday a little over a year ago, and have loved using it. And while there’s a few astronomy resources I’ve been using to help my navigate the sky, there was always something I felt that was missing — some indicator of whether or not it was worth hauling my gear outside without actually sticking my head out the door.

I know, lazy, right? Well, when I was on the 2nd story of my apartment it was a bit of a hassle to walk across the street to the empty dirt lot only to see that either it’s cloudy, or there wasn’t anything I found particularly interesting in the sky. Well, I finally got around to doing something about it, and was born. While pretty simple at the moment, this site will use your current location and give you the basics — what’s in the sky (planets, minor planets, and asteroids right now), and is the weather worth going out. Whether or not anyone else is using it, it’s been great for my lazy butt so mission accomplished. However, hopefully in the next few weeks the next part of this will be rolling out — the ability to create an account and set email reminders. Let’s get even lazier. Rather than having to go to the site and check it out myself, I’ll be able to set favorite items and a few other settings, and receive email alerts when something worth seeing is in the sky and the weather doesn’t suck. But until then, something you should definitely check out over at and check back (or follow me on twitter) for when that happens.